Emma Scott

My Latest Work

Singer, Actress, Model

I have always felt comfortable on stage or in front of a camera.  At 5 months old, I booked my first SAG commercial.  I then landed my first film at age 2 as Jesse in "The Message" (Winner of the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival 2012).  Also at age 2, I booked my first stunt actress job in the fim "Bring It On, In It To Win It", in a stroller crash scene which I filmed with my mother.

My love for musical theater has led to numerous roles including a few of my favorites, Marta Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music", Marion Paroo in "Music Man", and Jack in "Into the Woods".  At 14, I auditioned and was accepted into the Institute for American Musical Theatre in N.Y.C where I was so fortunate to spend the summer training with Broadway performers.  When I am not in vocal, dance, or acting lessons, I am thrilled to strengthen my skills in stunt training.  

Along with playing the piano and guitar, I love waterskiing, rock climbing, snow boarding, doing rope courses or solving puzzles in Escape Rooms.

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"